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"Bacardi X" Program Director (Secondment)

Job Name

"Bacardi X" Program Director (Secondment)


United Kingdom





Reporting Line:

Director, Digital Transformation

Job type:

Full time

Lead recruiter:

Amy Geng

About the role

An incredible opportunity to lead an entire organisation to embrace and adopt modern consumer centric project methodologies, the by-products of which help Primos build desired BEST10 capabilities and cultural values.

Key responsibilities are largely three-fold; 1) Lead and direct several programs of work designed to deliver experimental learnings on core business opportunities; 2) Oversee all aspects of Bacardi X Comms from setting the strategic agenda to tactical implementation and; 3) The management and motivation of a Program Manager who ius responsible for the Bacardi X Learning experience.

As a senior member of Bacardi X you will have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of Bacardi X strategy and direction. Whilst undertaking this maternity leave post you will also become a Design Thinking practitioner.

The programs you direct will be designed to investigate potential ‘near future’ business opportunities, as such you will be comfortable leading others into the unknown and dealing with ambiguity. You will passionately role model desired BEST10 behaviours so that others follow your lead. You will have a healthy obsession with asking ‘why’ and use data (not opinion) to try and form answers or hypotheses to go and test (and learn). You will enjoy setting up highly collaborative ’safe spaces’ that encourage Primos to be Fearless and break down silo thinking. We can’t wait to meet you!

As an experienced Program Director you will lead a number of core business ‘experiments’ that utilise modern Design Thinking methodologies. The purpose of these ‘experiments’ are to deliver critical core business learnings and help Primos build desired BEST10 behaviours and cultural values in Primos.


  • Program Direction - Flawless leadership, planning, communication and management of ‘experimental’ projects on core business challenges. With support you will ensure projects follow the Design Thinking process (Bacardi Sprints) as much as possible. The success of a project is measured in ‘learnings’ - whether these come from success or failure is immaterial. What is critical is the collection, analysis and communication of these ‘learnings’ to the broader business.
  • Role-Modelling and Enabling BEST 10 Behaviours - It is important all members of Bacardi X are passionate about, and capable of, role-modelling the desired Fearless, Founder, Family values of BEST10. You will be capable of creating a psychologically safe space where Primos feel empowered to practice and hone new BEST10 behaviours.
  • Communications- Lead the development and evolution of the internal and external comms strategy for Bacardi X; prepare and manage comms materials; assess new comms platforms then maintain integrity across these; assist in the creation of digital / video / audio / print content for the team.
  • People Management - Support, mentor and coach a Bacardi X Senior Program Manager who is responsible for i) The development & deployment of Bacardi X’s Primo onboarding & learning curriculum; 2) Daily team operations (team tasks, manage budgets, group agendas) and; 3) support across key Bacardi X experiments and peripheral workstreams.
  • Bacardi X Mission / Vision Development - You will want to contribute to the positioning, packaging and performance of Bacardi X.

Skills and Experience

  • Superior Organisational Skills - Experience overseeing logistical and executional aspects of complex international workshop programs and workstreams within large corporate organisations
  • Program Management Skills (or Certification) - Develop program critical path, clearly communicate and assign roles & responsibilities to team members / partners, ensure project milestones / deliverables are met as required.
  • Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills - Confident in the creation of written / spoken narratives. Articulate, and professional speaking capability. Empathic listener.
  • Facilitation - From time to time you will be required to help Facilitate workshop sessions, it is important you either have (or are comfortable learning) good Facilitation techniques and running Primo / partner / platform workshops.

  • Growth mindset - You believe ‘learning by doing’ and that talents are developed through hard work, good strategies, and most importantly input from others. You worry less about looking smart and put more energy into learning and achieving through collaboration.  You are comfortable with ambiguity and want to embrace the unknown with proactivity, energy and drive.
  • Business agility - Fast and adaptive beats slow and steadfast. New technologies and evolving customer preferences have moved you beyond a rigid hierarchy, linear processes, siloed business units and crippling bureaucracy.
  • Autonomous thinker - You are able to make your own interpretations and decisions rather than act on the purposes, beliefs, judgments, and feelings of others.
  • Team Player - Coordinate sprint events & tasks, work well with the other team members. You are reliable, accountable. You excite and enthuse others, have fun and are prepared to travel across the world for work.

Our culture

We share the passion and entrepreneurial flair of our founder and are guided by our three culture pillars - Fearless, Family and Founders, they inspire our Primos to be the best they can be and drive us forward in all we do. But what does this mean?

·       Being Fearless; means adopting an agile mindset, being comfortable trying new things and taking risks. We are empowered to question, challenge and innovate.

·       Family; We treat each other, and our communities, like Family. Always.

·       Founders; The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do. We see the business as if it’s our own. We do the right thing for the business and we all take accountability for our work.

When you join Bacardi, you become part of our family and gain more than just a job.

Disclaimer: Bacardi is an equal opportunity employer that values workforce diversity. Diversity is core to our business: by embedding diversity into all aspects of our culture, we maximize the opportunity to achieve sustainable business success and growth. The duties and responsibilities described in the role profile might not be a comprehensive list.