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Careers at Bacardi

Job Name

Bulk Operator


United Kingdom


Near Douglas


Operations - Supply Chain - Logistics

Job type:

Full time

Lead recruiter:

Lucy Wallace

About the role

  • To process spirit to meet the Company’s filling, blending and bottling requirements, including the operation of designated machinery, equipment and data systems.
  • To be flexible, performing all site operations required to meet site plan, including but not limited to cask preparation; warehouse operations; cask disgorging; cask filling; Control Room operations; takner operations; any other relevant tasks to meet site plan.

Key accountabilities and responsibilities

  • Understand and adhere to delivery schedules, warehousing and blend centre programmes.
  • Carryout filling and disgorging of bulk spirit into/from casks 
  • Operate and maintain designated machinery eg FLT’s, attachments, scanners, strapping machine etc.
  • Operate workstations and carry out the various defined tasks as appropriate.
  • Participate in effective and accurate data capture and operation of the whisky inventory system.
  • Actively pursue the maximisation of production output in accordance with agreed efficiencies.
  • Assist in achieving production levels..
  • Comply with Customs and Excise requirements and legislation and ensure that any discrepancies are monitored and reported immediately.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the Company’s quality standards including working in problem solving groups and participating in Total Quality processes as necessary.
  • Actively participate in the continuous improvement of the site and activities, suggesting alterations as appropriate
  • Maintain complete flexibility of operations across Warehousing and Blending activities.
  • Actively participate in Company Training and Development Initiatives and Communication Briefings as appropriate.
  • Ensure that proper housekeeping standards and cleaning of work environment is adhered to.
  • Carry out training of others as required.
  • Carry out any reasonable request that will further improve the performance of the team. 
  • Adherence to plan
  • Processing and supplying spirit to production lines in accordance with quality specifications and production plan
  • Correctly account for all spirit stocks

Measures of success

  • Adherence to, and delivery of, site plan
  • Site Efficiency % to meet target
  • Blend Centre OEE to meet target
  • Reporting and resolution of spirit quality issues, as measured by downtime recording
  • Recording and reporting of spirit losses / gains,  as measured by DRAMS

Critical experiences for success

  • Previous FLT (counterbalance) experience
  • Driving Licence
  • Relevant IT systems experience (e.g. Microsoft Office, DRAMS, EMCS, Flowlog, PCS7)
  • Ideally knowledge of cask handling, repair and management
  • Ideally experience of tanker operations
  • Previous exposure to product quality management systems 
  • Knowledge of production planning systems
  • Prior experience of EHS systems in relation to flammable liquids
  • Familiarity with whisky processes would be an advantage
  • Excellent decision making skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team or on your own initiative
  • Self-motivated
  • Determined to win
Language Skills (Level of proficiency: (M = mother tongue; F = fluent; I = intermediate;  B = basic)
  • Language: English – F

Our ways of working

Our family legacy has positively influenced our ways of working and has shaped the values to which our employees aspire. We’re caring, like a family, and not only internally, but also in the wider communities in which we operate. This is demonstrated by our commitment to both act responsibly and promote the choice to drink responsibly. We trust one another, and through that trust are able to forge strong teams and networks that empower our matrix organization structure. We’re passionate, reflecting our Latin heritage, and this means that we commit more than just time to our work: we commit energy, heart and soul. We are dedicated to being a role model in our industry, and we approach everything we do with Integrity First. Together, our values help us create what we’re most proud of: our True Heart and Winning Spirit – both in our home markets and across the world.