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Careers at Bacardi

Demand Planner, Tultitlan, Mexico

Job Name

Demand Planner, Tultitlan, Mexico




Tultitlan, Mexico


Operations - Supply Chain - Logistics

Job type:

Full time

About the role

The key to this role is the execution of Regional / Global strategies, policies and procedures

Responsible for developing Demand Plan  and executing inventory plans from the market that will enable  the business to meet sales and service objectives.  Collaboration with other members of the supply chain, sales, finance, customers,  marketing, and customer support teams is paramount to achieve these sales and service objectives.

Creates, develops, produces and collects demand forecasts (for finished goods and POS). Interacts and communicates with sales, marketing, finance, purchasing, supply planning, and other departments as appropriate to obtain current and accurate information. The Demand Planner works to analyze current business and economic demand trends and predict future trends. He demonstrates a higher level technical expertise, a higher level understanding of the elements of the supply chain process and the information flow through the demand and supply planning process. 

Managing key internal and external stakeholders is a primary driver and challenge of the role along with giving accurate and timely plans to the team.

Critical to deliver improved forecast accuracy and reducing inventory days and logistics costs
Develop more integration between departments ie IBP
Ensure and maintain a robust alert system
Improve sales forecast accuracy at cluster/market level
In this role you will likely spend most of your time in the office.
Support Hub S&OP Manager to have weekly, monthly punctual visibility at cluster/market level
Demonstrate an interest in personal learning and development; seek feedback form multiple sources about how to improve and develop; modify behavior based on feedback or self-analysis of past mistakes.

Key accountabilities and responsibilities

  • Utilize a collaborative and consensus approach by working with Marketing, Sales, Customers, Finance and business team to ensure and reach that the agreement on Sales Operation and Plan on a monthly basis.
  • Engage with Marketing, Sales and customers to continuously update the requirement specifications and improve the Planning and Customer Services processes accordingly.
  • Analyze current business, demand trends and predict future trends on middle and long term horizon.
  • Manage the Demand and Supply Planning processes to ensure that plans are established, monitored and reviewed in order to ensure efficient and timely distribution of products at Country level
  • Build visibility between financial target and volume sales plan and support the financial team in the financial cycle.
  • Drive value – ensure process becomes balanced, dynamic and event driven.
  • Ensure cross functional alignment and business ownership at multiple levels
  • Demand shaping to drive an optimized response
  • Maintain and report S&OP tools and risks and opportunities.
  • Resolve short/medium term supply constraints (ex. quality, technical…) to deliver product (Finish goods, Value Added Pack and POS) on the agreed basis
  • Preparation Specification for import of goods considering MOQ
  • Support Strip Stamps decision management
  • Calculation of strip volumes for order at Tax Inspection considering new launches, seasonality and legislation changes
  • Providing strip stamps volumes for order at Tax Inspection to the Strip Stamps Specialist
  • Cooperate closely with the Activity Management Director, Hub S&OP Manager and Supply Chain Manager on the design and development of an effective Innovation process with the aim of reducing supply chain complexity, increase supply reliability and flexibility.
  • Implement and maintain the process to prevent and monitor write-offs including action plans for reduction and control improvement.
  • Continuously improve forecasting techniques, method, and approach
  • Evolve and maintain documentation and standard operating procedures for demand planning processes and systems.
  • Conduct current and future forecasting analysis, insuring forecasting processes and methods are followed.
  • Assemble and analyze all data pertinent to creating the sales forecast (historical sales, market trends, seasonality, promotions, and eventually account POS and inventory levels).
  • Establish and utilize best methods (statistical models and software tools) in creating forecasts and respective inventory targets.
  • Coordinate promotions activities and projects with Marketing, Sales, Distributors and Supply Chain Manager
  • Participate on New products development (BIT  process)
  • Creation of internal item codes for promo items for local market (warehousing)
  • Participate in the monthly process to review capacity issues with the plants, and ensure projects related to supply improvement are achieved
    • Manage inventory targets based on changes based on regional/HUB guidelines 
    • Support Country forecast and inventory planning meetings, reviewing recommended sales forecasts and inventory  projections and goals (emphasis on brand transitions, new product introduction, and promotions).
    • Monitoring on weekly / monthly base all stocks and Sales for each individual SKU/clients allowing target achieving units (Distributor).
    • Monitoring of distributor stock level
    • Coordinate with Plants the Strip Stamps evolution: stocks, request and inventory and necessary documentation
    • Validate replenishment proposal from plants and ensure receipt warehouse capacity with Logistics
    • Development and implementation of corrective actions preventing future variances.
    • Support Supply Chain Manager on sign off S&OP meeting.
  • Develop best practice sharing within the Hub and regional planning community by
    • Proactively facilitating, re-engineering, best practices
    • Develop business reports into Business Intelligence tool
    • Monitor SKU levels and define SKU rationalization initiatives
    • Monitor excess and obsolete inventory
  • Ensure any issues / alerts are raised in a prompt and timely manner with relevant Local and Hub management

Measures of success

  • S&OP process for Hub
  • Operational Excellence: Drive sustained improvement in product supply, customer service, planning cycles and reduction of waste
  • KPI’s, for example:
    • Stock Availability - DIOH
    • TISP
    • BIAS
    • SOX compliance
    • Great place to work >75%
    • Number of SKU’s
    • Write Offs

Critical experiences for success

  • You will have 2+ years experience in Supply Chain.Your familiarity and knowledge of demand planning technology and decision support tools will be well recognized. This experience should have been gained in an FMCG environment but you may well have additional experience in high tech or pharma industries as well.
  • Demonstrated use of analytical and statistical models to analyze demand and prepare forecasts, preferably in APO
    • Detail oriented
    • Extreme accuracy
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a cross-functional, team oriented environment
    • Ability to work cross-functionally.
    • Collaborative skills in resolving long and short positions in inventory. 
  • Excellent creative thinking skills with emphasis on developing innovative solutions to complex problems that may not have one clear answer.
Functional Excellence
  • Customer focus : Can respond to colleagues and senior management needs positively and appropriately
  • Self-Development: Take steps to develop and maintain the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to achieve positive results.
  • Integrity: Demonstrate trustworthiness and professionalism with clients, peers, and team members
  • Business Acumen: Analyses issues from a business and cross-functional perspective. Understands the importance of an accurate forecast to the Business.                                  
  • Timely decision making : Maintains processes, procedures and systems correctly. Ensures data accuracy and supports deadlines. Makes decisions within the boundary of the role.
  • Interpersonal savy:Builds and maintains professional and effective  working relationships with colleagues. Relates well to staff at a variety of levels.
  • Priority Setting: Spends his/her time and the time of others on what's important. Quickly zeros in on the critical few and puts the trivial many aside. Eliminate roadblocks.
  • Problem solving: Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions. Probes all fruitful sources for answers. Can see hidden problems. Is excellent at honest analysis. Looks beyond the obvious and doesn't stop at the first answer.
  • Drive for Results :Understands strategic importance of meeting KPIs, demonstrating commitment and drive to see things through.
  • Communication  : Structures and presents technical data in a clear and logical format. Can negotiate and seek compromise collaboratively.
  • Strategic Agility: Sees ahead clearly, anticipate future consequences and trends accurately. Has broad knowledge and perspective, future oriented.
Functional/Technical Skills:
  • Skill (Level)
    • ERP (Experienced)
    • APS (Experienced)
    • Reporting Tool (Foundation)
    • Office Softwares: Lotus, MS Office, ..(Experienced)
    • Languages - especially English (Foundation)
    • Project Management (internal & External stakeholders) (Foundation)
    • External orientation (Foundation)
    • Planning Process e.g. S&OP, Inventory etc (Experienced)
    • Manufacturing/Operational & Copacking Processes (Foundation)
    • Market  Understanding and CS skills (Experienced)
    • Business Financial skills (Foundation)
    • Logistics & Distribution Processes (Foundation)
    • Product Innovation  (Foundation)

Our ways of working

Our family legacy has positively influenced our ways of working and has shaped the values to which our employees aspire. We’re caring, like a family, and not only internally, but also in the wider communities in which we operate. This is demonstrated by our commitment to both act responsibly and promote the choice to drink responsibly. We trust one another, and through that trust are able to forge strong teams and networks that empower our matrix organization structure. We’re passionate, reflecting our Latin heritage, and this means that we commit more than just time to our work: we commit energy, heart and soul. We are dedicated to being a role model in our industry, and we approach everything we do with Integrity First. Together, our values help us create what we’re most proud of: our True Heart and Winning Spirit – both in our home markets and across the world.