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Careers at Bacardi

E-commerce Executive (Shanghai)

Job Name

E-commerce Executive (Shanghai)







Reporting Line:

E-Commerce Manager

Job type:

Full time

About the role

Support the Digital and Social Commerce team in Bei Jing 


Principal Responsibility:    
  • 拓展和维护电商销售渠道,以B2B渠道为主,同时支持其他的B2C渠道。
    Develop and maintain EC channels, mainly B2B channels, and support other B2C channels.
  • 分销商的管理,包含但不限于经销商价格体系、品牌规范、授权等等, 同时通过运营帮助经销商提升相关平台的销售。特别需严格执行及监控品牌在电商的价格体系。
    Manage distributors (or TP), including but not limited to dealer price system, brand specification, authorization, etc. and help dealers improve sales of relevant platforms through operation. Especially implement and monitor the brand price system of online.
  • 独立的活动执行能力,并且通过和平台、设计、供应链的沟通最终完成活动落地。Independent to make promotion plan , and through the platform, design, supply chain communication and ultimately launch it.
  • 品牌店铺的运营和管理工作,包含但不限于店铺日常维护、产品更新、店铺装修等等。
    Responsible for the operation and management of brand stores, including but not limited to daily maintenance, product update, store decoration, etc.
  • 善于数据分析,并且能通过数据分析不断改进店铺的运营策略。
    Good at data analysis, and can constantly improve the operation strategy of the store through data analysis

Skills and Experience

  • 熟悉各电商平台的运作规则和玩法, 尤其是京东平台和天猫商城,天猫国际,天猫超市, 了解如何获取资源和提高销售。
    Familiar with the operation rules and playing methods of various e-commerce platforms, especially JD and Tmall channels.Understand how to obtain resources and improve sales.
  • 熟悉电商运营,具备基础运营技能,要有相关电商平台的实际操作经验。
    Be familiar with e-commerce operation, have basic operation skills, and have practical operation experience in relevant e-commerce platforms.
  • 能力较强,具有突发事情的处理能力,有较强的服务意识。
    Strong adaptability, ability to deal with emergencies and strong sense of service.
  • 好的团队协作能力、沟通能力,善于沟通配合,有快速应变能力和良好的耐压性。
    Good teamwork and communication skills, good communication and coordination skills, quick adaptability and good pressure tolerance.
  • 优秀的英语能力
    Excellent English skills,The working language is English.

Our culture

We share the passion and entrepreneurial flair of our founder and are guided by our three culture pillars - Fearless, Family and Founders, they inspire our Primos to be the best they can be and drive us forward in all we do. But what does this mean?

·       Being Fearless; means adopting an agile mindset, being comfortable trying new things and taking risks. We are empowered to question, challenge and innovate.

·       Family; We treat each other, and our communities, like Family. Always.

·       Founders; The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do. We see the business as if it’s our own. We do the right thing for the business and we all take accountability for our work.

When you join Bacardi, you become part of our family and gain more than just a job.