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Careers at Bacardi

SQS Manager, São Paulo - Brasil

Job Name

SQS Manager (Pato de Minas - Brasil)




Pato de Minas


Operations - Supply Chain - Logistics

Reporting Line:


Job type:

Full time

Lead recruiter:

Sandra Munguia

About the role

What does a SQS Manager do? 
Responsible for planning, organizing and directing processes related to SQS, with the objective of maintaining and improving the security, quality and sustainability standards during the production process of CACHAZA.

About You 
Develop the strategies, policies, processes and procedures to minimize levels on occupational hazards, property, quality and sustainability to guarantee the operations in a safe and sustainable way, as well as, assure the compliance with the requirements in the quality of the produced products, according to, the standards of the product/company.


With our Consumer at the heart, your key responsibilties will be to: 

  • Lead the correct management of the annual operation budget, as well as, the capitalizable investments (CAPEX)
  • Implementation and analysis of performance indicators of SQS processes with continuous improvement vision. 
  • Guarantee the follow up and performance of the strategies, policies, processes, procedures and performance indicators stablished by the organization in matter of SQS through the correct direction / resources used. 
  •  Report to the SQS Lead the progress in the creation of strategies, policies, processes, procedures and the results of the key performance indicators of the processes. 
  • Comply with the regulations provided by the Integrated Waste Management, dangerous chemical substances management, emergency response and identify the environmental aspects and impacts of the area.
  • Comply with the operational safety prerequisites applicable to the area, as well as, the regulations to the employees who regulate the mandatory practices, that in direct or indirect way can affect the hygiene health and product quality.
  •  Follow up with the training plans, training and evaluations of the personnel under their responsibility ensuring their participation in the required programs and practical applications in their work area.
  • Investigates the regulations applicable to products in countries where Patron sells its products. 

Skills and Experience

The skills and experiences needed to create your legacy:
  • Preparation of documents established by the quality management system
  • Management of personal and fire protection equipment (Fire extinguishers and hydrants)
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem analysis
Personal Qualities
  • Chemical Engineering or related.
  • Quality management system rule ISO 9001 y 14001.
  • Regulations applicable to products (CACHAZA).
  • General Concepts of Environmental Aspects.
  • Emergency response
  • BPM, prerequisites y HACCP
  • Industrial hygiene and safety concepts.
  • English
  • 5 years of experience in SQS processes
  • We are looking for people who are globally mobile and have aspirations to experience different cultures

Our culture

We share the passion and entrepreneurial flair of our founder and are guided by our three culture pillars - Fearless, Family and Founders, they inspire our Primos to be the best they can be and drive us forward in all we do. But what does this mean?

·       Being Fearless; means adopting an agile mindset, being comfortable trying new things and taking risks. We are empowered to question, challenge and innovate.

·       Family; We treat each other, and our communities, like Family. Always.

·       Founders; The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do. We see the business as if it’s our own. We do the right thing for the business and we all take accountability for our work.

When you join Bacardi, you become part of our family and gain more than just a job.