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Careers at Bacardi

Spirit supply Operator

Job Name

Spirit supply Operator


United Kingdom


Near Douglas



Reporting Line:

Maturation and Blending Manager

Job type:

Full time

Lead recruiter:

Ricardo Sanchez Martinez

About the role


A Spirit supply operator processes spirit to meet the Company’s filling, blending and bottling requirements, including the operation of designated machinery, equipment and data systems. The nature of this role is varied and the ideal candidate will be flexible, performing all site operations required to meet site plan, including but not limited to:
  • Cask preparation
  • Warehouse operations
  • Cask disgorging
  • Cask filling
  • Control Room operations
  • Tanker operations
  • Any other relevant tasks to meet site plan.
This role will be shift work and you will be given set shifts (however these can be subject to change). Due to the varying nature of the role, not all duties are physical and therefore we are looking for an individual that meets our culture and values, rather than a fitness level!


  • Understand and adhere to delivery schedules, warehousing and blend centre programme’s
  • Carry out filling and disgorging of spirit into/from casks (via use of automated machinery).
  • Operate and maintain designated machinery, including forklift trucks, attachments, scanners, strapping machine etc (all training will be provided).
  • Participate in effective and accurate data capture and operation of the whisky inventory system.
  • Actively pursue the maximization of production output in accordance with agreed efficiencies.
  • Assist in achieving production levels while ensuring health & safety regulations are followed.
  • Comply with customs and excise requirements and legislation and ensure that any discrepancies are monitored and reported immediately.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the company’s quality standards including working in problem solving groups and participating in total quality processes, as necessary.
  • Actively participate in the continuous improvement of the site and activities, suggesting alterations as appropriate.
  • Maintain complete flexibility of operations across warehousing and blending activities.
  • Actively participate in company training and development initiatives and communication briefings as appropriate.
  • Ensure that proper housekeeping standards and cleaning of work environment is adhered to.
  • Carry out training of others as required.
  • Support with requests to further improve and innovate.
  • Processing and supplying spirit to production lines in accordance with quality specifications and production plan.
  • Correctly account for all spirit stocks.
  • Report NEMO’s as necessary ; ensure safety of colleagues, contractors, and guests by pointing out potential risks

Skills and Experience

  • Previous forklift truck (counterbalance) experience is preferred
  • Relevant IT systems experience is preferred (Microsoft Office, DRAMS, EMCS, Flowlog ,
  • Knowledge of cask handling, repair and management
  • Previous exposure to product quality management systems
  • Knowledge of production planning systems
  • Prior experience of employee health & safety systems in relation to flammable liquids
  • Familiarity with whisky processes

  • Lives the 3 F’s with integrity Lives the 3 F’s with integrity ––FFearless, acts with a earless, acts with a FFounders’ Mentality, treats others like ounders’ Mentality, treats others like FFamilyamily
  • Flexible in the tasks assigned Flexible in the tasks assigned
  • Team player and collaborator Team player and collaborator ––willing to help others when needed willing to help others when needed
  • Looks for ways for team/processes to improve and innovateLooks for ways for team/processes to improve and innovate
  • Health & Safety mindset Health & Safety mindset

Our culture

We share the passion and entrepreneurial flair of our founder and are guided by our three culture pillars - Fearless, Family and Founders, they inspire our Primos to be the best they can be and drive us forward in all we do. But what does this mean?

·       Being Fearless; means adopting an agile mindset, being comfortable trying new things and taking risks. We are empowered to question, challenge and innovate.

·       Family; We treat each other, and our communities, like Family. Always.

·       Founders; The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do. We see the business as if it’s our own. We do the right thing for the business and we all take accountability for our work.

When you join Bacardi, you become part of our family and gain more than just a job.

Disclaimer: Bacardi is an equal opportunity employer that values workforce diversity. Diversity is core to our business: by embedding diversity into all aspects of our culture, we maximize the opportunity to achieve sustainable business success and growth. The duties and responsibilities described in the role profile might not be a comprehensive list.